best Honolulu shuttle services

Best Honolulu Shuttle Services to Avoid Wasting Time and Money in Traffic

If you are a commuter, you know how sitting in traffic can be a waste of time and money. Many of us waste over 104 hours a year in traffic, which is a nuisance that each commuter experiences daily. If you are traveling to Honolulu at any time, consider using our best Honolulu shuttle services to overcome such a struggle. 

Saving Time with Honolulu Shuttle Services 

Clik Shuttle understands how difficult it is to be stuck in traffic. Our shuttle service will help you so that you will have plenty of time to complete your daily tasks or make calls as we drive you to your destination. Since you are not driving by yourself, you can be more productive. Or, if you’d like, you can just take in the Hawaiian scenery. 

Saving Money 

When you are in Honolulu, taking a cab from the airport to your destination can be quite expensive. Some drivers will charge you more than usual. With our shuttle service, you can save money because we do not increase prices regularly.

The rates we offer to our clients are fair. Our rates are way cheaper than having to take care of the case, vehicle upkeep and more all by yourself. With our shuttle service, you can sit back and relax, as our drivers will take you to your hotel or other destination. 

best Honolulu shuttle services

What We Offer 

Clik Shuttle offers a shared shuttle service with the most affordable quality service to help you get around the city. 

For private shuttle service, our rate starts at $24, from the airport to Waikiki. If you need to get to a cruise ship, we can take you there for $30. The fare is a roundtrip ticket. 

Should you wish to take an island tour, we have a special rate for you. Our private tour will take you anywhere. The shuttle service can accommodate your entire team, clients, friends, and investors.

Many of our clients are coming from other states. They choose our service to help them with the hassle of finding a cab at the airport. 

We all know the hassle involved in getting an airport cab. This task can cause a lot of delays. Our experienced airport shuttle drivers know the roads to take to give you enough time to prepare for your business meeting, for instance. 

And, if you hire our service to take you to the airport, our drivers will get you there on time so that you have ample time to check-in. 

Our drivers know how to deal with airport traffic.  You can trust them to take the best routes to get you where you want to go fast. 

If you have been avoiding going to Hawaii because of your bad experience while finding a cab at the airport, then let us change that perception. Our Honolulu shuttle services will take care of you from the moment you arrive at the airport to the time you leave Hawaii. To book our shuttle services, please contact us at (808) 445-4059.