airport Waikiki shuttle

Fun Ways to Use Airport Waikiki Shuttle

Traveling can be tough, but our airport Waikiki shuttle services can ease the difficulty. You may think of a shuttle service as a kind of transportation that will only take you from the airport to another location, but we can offer you more than that. 

Airport Waikiki Shuttle – From the Airport to Adventure

airport Waikiki shuttle

The obvious service of an airport shuttle is to help you move from the airport to another location. Clik Shuttle picks you up from Honolulu airport to your hotel or chosen destination, and vice versa. We can also take you across the city to another airport. No matter how you use the shuttle service, it’s great for you because there is no need for you to rent a car. 

Renting a car can be quite tricky, especially if you are not familiar with the location. If it is your first time in Waikiki, then it makes sense to choose a shuttle service, rather than renting a car. Our drivers are knowledgeable about the routes and roads to take you to your destination. 


Our shuttle service is not only used as transportation that can take you to and from the airport, but you can use it to explore Waikiki. 

For example, you can hire our private shuttle for weddings, events and more. Our rates will depend on the number of passengers and where we will take you. 

You can call our customer support team to help you out with the rates. We can provide you the transportation that you need to explore Waikiki by going to historic sites, museums, restaurants, and other great experiences that the island can offer. 

With our transportation service, you can explore and experience Waikiki in a different, relaxing way. By exploring the city, you will be surprised that there are several places you may have missed the last time you were here. 

Get Around the City on Time 

One of the many things that travelers hate is when they have to rush out of their planes, get their luggage and find public transpiration. The problem with Uber or public transportation is that the driver might not know where you are going. 

Some drivers do not even know how to get around the airport. However, our airport shuttle drivers have in-depth knowledge about the roads to take to drive you to your destination on time. They will also arrive at the airport on time, too. 

With our shuttle service, you will have a driver who knows their way around the airport and the city. As they know which streets are congested at a certain period, they will use other roads to get you where you will have to go quickly. 

Door to Door 

You may also request a door to door service. In that case, you do not have to ask your relatives in Waikiki (or anyone else) to come to get you from the airport. 

With all these benefits, make sure to book our airport Waikiki shuttle service during your next trip to Honolulu. We will make everything convenient for you. Give us a call today to book one of our shuttle services (808) 445-4059