Hawaii Shuttle Services

Hawaii Shuttle Services to Have a Perfect Honeymoon Trip

Hawaii is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. But the state can be busy. From the time you arrive at the airport, you need to spend minutes to hours finding a cab. Make sure that your honeymoon trip is a breeze. From the moment you land at the airport, ensure that you book our Hawaii shuttle services.

Hawaii Shuttle Services of Clik Shuttle Travel & Tour for Honeymooners

You can book our exclusive shuttle from the airport to Waikiki hotel. We have shuttle services for up to four passengers, nine passengers and 14 passengers. You can book either a one-way trip or a roundtrip. 

However, if you want to be adventurous, you can go for our shared shuttle service. The lowest rate we offer is $10 per person, depending on your destination. For our private shuttle, we can handle 11 passengers for $80 an hour. 

After booking our shuttle services, make sure that you have picked your destination. Hawaii has a lot to offer when it comes to a honeymoon destination for couples who love luxury vacation. The state has various all-inclusive resorts. Or if you wish to experience a new culture, you can go to a more remote destination. 

Plan as Early as Possible

As mentioned earlier, Hawaii is a busy state. A lot of tourists come to this island to explore its wonderful places. That’s why you need to plan as early as nine months before the honeymoon. 

If you wish to save money on your honeymoon, you should book outside the peak travel periods. But do not come here during the rainy season as you will never get to enjoy the area.

Incorporate Some Activities

Hawaii is known for many touristic spots. You cannot just stay in your hotel waiting for your honeymoon to end. 

You need to explore and participate in some popular activities here. You can go snorkeling or scuba diving with your partner. Do something new as a couple on your honeymoon. This will surely commemorate your life together.

Hawaii Shuttle Services

Have a Room for Surprises

The bulk of your trip in Hawaii should indeed be planned together. Make sure that you leave room for surprises. For instance, you can plan a romantic dinner by the sea. Or get a massage together. Surprise your significant other in such a way that she/he will appreciate you even more!

Treat You and Your Partner 

If you are known to be frugal, you may consider taking a shared shuttle service with us. However, you might want to pamper you and your partner this time by going for our private shuttle. Allow us to drive you to various destinations in Hawaii if you wish. 

You should also consider booking a suite room in a hotel you are staying in. It is a great treat for you and your partner. It makes your honeymoon more memorable or enjoyable. However, we do not recommend going overboard to the point of denting your finances. 

Enjoy your honeymoon in this state by booking our Hawaii shuttle services. Our shuttle services are affordable, yet sleek to give your honeymoon a perfect start. Book one of our services by calling us through (808) 445-4059.