best shuttle service hawaii

Hawaii Wedding? Use an Airport Shuttle for Your Guests

Have you been planning a destination wedding for years? There’s so much planning that goes into a wedding and having yours in Hawaii means you’ve pick a gorgeous location. You have planned every aspect of your wedding from the food, to the flowers, to the cake yet one of the most important detail is your guest list. With a destination wedding you’ll want to be sure that your guests find their hotels with ease. One of the easiest ways to ensure this is by using a shuttle service like Clik Shuttle. Why should you get the best shuttle service in Hawaii? Here are a few reasons:

best shuttle service hawaii

Not Letting Your Guests Figure Things Out Alone

The last thing on your mind might be worrying about your guests travel experience purely because you may have your mind on ten other things that need to happen so that your wedding goes off without a hitch. A shuttle service may seem like an unnecessary expense but it could save you quite a bit of a headache as your wedding day approaches. If you are getting married at home and inviting local friends and family you wouldn’t need to worry. However, with a destination wedding where guests are arriving from all over the globe it would be best to have a secure and reliable form of transport to be sure that no one gets lost or arrives late. You want your guests to fully enjoy all that your destination wedding has to offer and being stressed about getting there on time could really ruin the mood for everyone involved. 

Avoiding Drunk Driving

Giving your guest a means of transport to and from the airport after you wedding can be very helpful if they have been drinking. If you have an open bar you’ll want your guests to enjoy themselves to the fullest capacity. You don’t want them resorting to driving their rental car back to the airport if they have planned to fly out after the festivities. Having your guests rely on ride sharing apps might end up costing them more than the cost of taking a scheduled shuttle to airport. 

Save on the cost

If you want to transport a group of guests from the airport to the hotel they will be staying at you won’t want to go with expensive luxury vehicles or other ride options. Instead you can depend on Clik Shuttle for private shuttling for $80 for 3 hours that allows 11 people space to ride comfortably and safely. You also have the reliability of our drivers who are experienced in their routes and the Hawaiian islands. 

Having total peace of mind

When it comes to  you wedding you want every detail to be ironed out before you get to the big day. With Clik Shuttle you can easily book online for the dates you need. You can choose fun add ons for your wedding guests like Hawaiian leis. With the best shuttle service in Hawaii, this all will ensure that everyone arrives where they need to be without you having to worry (no promise from us about on time flights though!). Your wedding should be as worry free as possible. 

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