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Here’s Why You Need a Hawaii Shuttle for Your Next Trip

Traveling to Hawaii can be a dream come true for a lot of people. It’s one of the few locations around the United States that sits at the top of a lot of bucket lists. Some people want to spend a week in Alaska, a honeymoon in Hawaii and see Yellowstone National Park. If you are one of the many people who have waited years or even decades to see the beauty of Hawaii is should be a careful and stressful trip that’s everything you have ever dreamed of. One of the biggest concerns when traveling is transportation. You may have spent months finding the right airplane ticket prices so why blow all the savings on your island transport? Finding a taxi at the airport can be expensive and exhausting. If you want a trip that’s less stress and much more fun you should schedule a Hawaii Shuttle at Clik Shuttle before you get on the plane.

Hawaii Shuttle : It’s More Dependable

You have probably found yourself in a situation where you are waiting on a taxi that’s running late. Or you have depend on a ride share app that’s not able to find you. These frustrations can really take away from the fun and relaxation of being on a vacation. If you are a planner and have your itinerary memorized to a ‘T’ it can really thrown a wrench in your plans when you are forced to wait on transportation. When you want a dependable, on time ride you should schedule a shuttle with Clik Shuttle. Our drivers have experience with driving around the islands and they will be waiting for you on arrival.

hawaii shuttle

It’s Cheaper

If you are being mindful of a budget during your travels through the Islands then this may be a smarter option than using a Taxi or ride sharing service. You can rack up quite hefty fees when working with a taxi service and the fare charges might not be something that you are prepared to afford when you want to enjoy all that Hawaii has to offer. With Clik Shuttle you pay only $10 for a one way trip and $20 for a round trip. You can even schedule a private shuttle that seats 11 passengers for $80 for three hours of driving.

There are perks

When you want a service that on time, cheaper and has smile-worthy perks it can be found here. If you have kids in your party that needs booster seats or car seats you can easily add them onto your order without the hassle of bringing your own or being without. You also can treat yourself and your family to the familiar and classic tradition of leis upon arrival to your shuttle.

Finding transportation shouldn’t be hard and it shouldn’t be a hassle either. Schedule your ride with Click Shuttle before your next Hawaiian vacation. We have exclusive shuttles to the Waikiki Hotel, Cruise ships onboarding locations, Ko Olina, Kahala, and Turtle Bay. Call to speak with one of our representatives today if you have any questions or concerns 808-740-0900