Hawaii Shuttle Service

Start Off With a Shuttle Service in Hawaii

When planning your trip to Hawaii, the plans for transportation often fall to the wayside because you are busy planning for your stay on on the island. When you arrive to Hawaii what better way to be greeted than with your own shuttle service that can take you to your hotel in Oahu. The flights to Hawaii are not short, and after the process of deboarding the plane, finding your luggage, and fighting jet lag, the last thing you want to do is experience any frustration associated with transportation. Clik Shuttles and Tours can give you the professional and safe transport you need after so much traveling. That way, you can focus on all the adventures and exploration you will experience on our gorgeous island.

How Many Days Should You Give Yourself to Explore Oahu?

Oahu has an innumerable amount of activities to choose from while vacationing. Of course, you can discount a good beach day. Just remember towels and sunscreen. For the most part, your hotel or resort can take care of the rest. GoHawaii.com has many recommendations for those traveling to the islands. They deem Oahu as the “heart of Hawaii.” Honolulu, the capital, is located in Oahu, as well as the site of Pearl Harbor. When visiting this monument, keep in mind it can be very crowded in the morning. So arriving early in the morning is the best. There is also the North Shore and Leeward Coast on Oahu, which can all be easily accessed. For all these major areas, as well as the local spots in between, you can easily spend four to six days exploring Oahu. However, if you’d like to stay for longer than be our guest. We’re happy to have you.

Start Off With a Shuttle Service in Hawaii

Hawaii and Traffic

It has been said that Hawaii has some of the worst traffic. They don’t call it “island time” for nothing. However, taking a shuttle service can alleviate the stress of driving and you can take the time on the road to relax. Getting around the island may take some time, but once you’ve arrived to where you’d like to go, you’ll be happy you used a service.

Contact Clik Shuttles and Tours for Reservations

If you would like to make a reservation for a shuttle service from Clik, contact by calling (808) 445-4059 or you may use our online contact form. We have a variety of shuttles and prices and are able to pick you up at any time of day or night from your hotel or the airport.