Tips for Choosing the Right Airport Shuttle

Tips for Choosing the Right Airport Shuttle

Traveling can be an incredibly stressful experience, especially for those that aren’t comfortable on planes or have a hard time planning events. You have to worry about planning your flight, getting to your terminal on time, checking into a hotel or rental home and being on time for all the occasions you plan to visit while you stay. One thing that sometimes gets forgotten about it how you are going to transport yourself from the airport to your hotel. You may find that you have to schedule a taxi at the last minute or download a ride-sharing app and how that the fares aren’t enormous. Your goals for getting to a meeting, reunion or checking in on time could be ruined by forgetting the importance of traveling outside of your airport destination. This is why we have a few tips about choosing the right airport shuttle for your next trip.

Tips for Choosing the Right Airport Shuttle


Your shuttle planning helps

When you want to be certain that you are going to get places on time, planning ahead is key. It’s not only favorable for your circumstances but can be especially helpful for the shuttle company you choose. Showing up and trying to schedule a shuttle at the last minute might leave your inconvenience or put pressure and stress on the shuttle driver that accepts your fare. Booking your shuttle service with Clik Shuttle well in advance is easy and can be done online or over the phone. When you set up your pick up time make sure that you are aware of whether it is a major holiday and if there is construction or other roadblocks to the airport that may delay your shuttle.

Narrow Things Down

When you are looking for the right shuttle make sure that you look into a few different services. While we here at Clik Shuttle stand by our service and customer care, we know we aren’t the only shuttle service out there. You wouldn’t try on a single pair of shoes once and buy them, so check customer reviews and be sure that the company you wish to work with is one that has great service and is experienced in the area you are traveling.

Think of the Cost

When you are thinking of a shuttle company you will want to consider the overall price. Some companies charge by the distance and a pick-up fee. Many offer flat rate fees and discounts for large groups. Some even offer costs for a round trip to and from your airport/destination. It can be much easier to decide on fees when you are traveling with a group and can easily calculate the group rate.


If you and your group are going to have a lot of luggage ask how much that shuttle can handle. Some companies have different size vehicle depending on your party size which can mean a difference in how much room you have for luggage.


Call Before You Get Picked Up

It’s always best to be sure that your company is still prepared to pick you and your group up. If you want to be double sure you should call before your flight to ensure that they are ready to pick you up when you arrive.


If you would like to schedule a shuttle trick with ease you can count on Clik Shuttle to make the process smooth. Give us a call to schedule your trip (808) 740-0900