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What to do in KO Olina: the Top 7 Things

If you happen to be considering a Hawaiian vacation in Oahu, think about visiting Ko Olina in Wai’anae. Situated on the west coast of Oahu, Ko Olina is known as a lush, green ocean retreat situated amidst an abundant variety of ecosystems.

An hour away from the busy beaches of Waikiki, Ko Olina offers lots to do without the crowds of the east coast. So where should you go in Ko Olina? Once you’ve taken the top airport to Ko Olina resort shuttle, head out for some adventure.

Ko Olina Resort Shuttle

  1. Aulani

Yes, it’s Disney-themed, but it’s actually adult-friendly, complete with restaurants, spas, and a water park. Spend the day luxuriating in all its amenities. This is the first Disney resort outside of the company’s theme parks.

  1. Ko Olina Marina

This is Hawaii’s only luxury marina, and it accommodates yachts from 30 feet long to 240-foot luxury vessels. Mingle with the international clientele. Then, visit the Marina Shop to sign up for a variety of experiences, from helicopter trips to swimming with dolphins and much more.

  1. Ko Olina Golf Club

See what a truly luxurious golf course looks like when you play a round of 18 holes at Ko Olina’s popular Golf Club.

  1. Shop

Ko Olina’s wide variety of interesting retail outlets will keep shoppers entertained for hours.

  1. Lanikuhonua

One of the most important places to visit when you’re in Ko Olina is Lanikuhonua, a private estate owned by the Campbell Estate Family Trust. An ancestor, one James Campbell, chose to make Hawaii his home in the 1800s. Legend has it that Queen Ka’ahumanu once bathed in the ‘sacred pools’ here. Four similar man-made lagoons have been added to the originals.

The best time to visit is early morning, at low tide. It’s so much fun to jump from rock to rock while examining the contents of the pools where you can spot colorful fish and jumping crabs. The view of the Waianae mountain range from here is unparalleled. Try and catch a peek at the private grounds of the estate.

Many scenes of the TV series “Lost” were shot on this property. Considered a sacred property, it is cared for by a “kahu,” a spiritual adviser. The current kahu is Aunt Nettie, and in local tradition, she is invited to the groundbreaking at Ko Olina, as her mother before her also was. Most of all, Lanikuhonua is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Hawaii’s cultural traditions.

  1. Honolulu

Just 17 miles away, the buzzing city of Honolulu offers vibrant nightlife, fine dining at world-class standards, galleries as well as museums galore.

  1. Spas

Ko Olina boasts several spas that offer a full range of therapeutic treatments to improve well being, restore balance, and revitalize the body and mind. So whether you want relaxation in your treatments, or refreshment and revitalization, there are many incredible treatments from which to choose.

How to get there

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