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Why Use an Airport Shuttle for Your Hawaii Trip?

Have you been planning a trip to Hawaii this year? There’s so much that goes into planning a vacation, business trip or girl’s weekend that it can be a bit overwhelming. When you have to plan dinner outings, adventure, entertainment and many other events to keep yourself, your family, your friends or you business partners happy. You may have spent months finding the right Airbnb or found the perfect hotel suites. You could have a check list of all the fun things you have been dreaming to do while visiting the Islands. However, have you given a lot of thought to how you and your group are going to make your way around? That is where an Airport Shuttle comes in handy.

Airport Shuttle : Less Stress, More Fun

If you were planning to wait until your plane has landed to figure out your transportation details its a good thing you are reading this article! Planning your transportation ahead of time can save you a lot of headaches and frustrations. You may be thinking that taking an airport taxi would be your best option straight off the plane. However, you might find trouble flagging one down during certain times of the year (holiday travel) or you may end up paying a lot depending on how high the fare is and how far you are traveling. That is why Airport Shuttles is the best option you have.

airport shuttle

An Experienced Driver

There’s a chance that you and your group may be considering a rental car while staying in Hawaii. If you don’t think you will use your car for more than  trips to and from the airport and few local hot spots it may be better to hire a shuttle. Depending on your phone’s google mapping abilities might be frustrating or confusing if your cell service is spotty. When scheduling a Clik Shuttle to pick you up you are receiving an experience driver who know the roads and best routes of the Islands to get you from point A to point B without worry or confusion.

Fun and Helpful Add Ons

When traveling it’s easy to forget important things like car seats for the kids or other important items. However, with Clik Shuttle you don’t have to worry. We offer you add ons like ski bags, Bicycles, Booster seats, child seats and the best off the all: leis. You can’t visit Hawaii without having the traditional welcoming lei on your trip. Add these necessities onto your shuttle during your order to ensure that you are all set for your trip.

Finding transportation for your next big Hawaiian vacation or business trip shouldn’t be hard and it shouldn’t be a hassle either. You can easily sort your transport needs by scheduling your ride with Click Shuttle’s website before your next Hawaiian vacation. Add on any extra necessities you’ll need with easy and be prepared for your stay. We have exclusive shuttles to the Waikiki Hotel, Cruise ships onboarding locations, Ko Olina, Kahala, and Turtle Bay. Call to speak with one of our representatives today if you have any questions or concerns 808-740-0900